David Lisketter was recruited by his sister Pamela to assist in her scheme of bringing modern knowledge to the Olmecs. Not knowing that they had been duped by William Walker, they took the pregnant Martha Cofflin as a hostage. While doing that, David shot Jared Cofflin in the knee with a small calibre handgun, and lost a hand to Marian's sword. David boarded a sailing vessel named Bentley with Pamela and others with their prisoner Martha. They headed west out of Nantucket harbor and were dismayed when they saw William heading east into the Atlantic Ocean. When the well-intentioned party arrived in the Olmec territory and encountered their first Olmecs, David volunteered to go ashore and make first contact. Unfortunately, the Olmecs greeted them with hostility, forcing David to flee back to the Bentley and inadvertently leading the Olmecs to the ship, whom they captured his sister and Martha.

David died by his own hand, jumping overboard on the voyage back to Nantucket, having learned that he had destroyed the Olmecs by infecting them with mumps.