USCGC Eagle under sail
USCGC Eagle was sailing in waters near Nantucket Island when the Event occurred. She was inside the perimeter of the dome and was transported with Nantucket and its contiguous waters to the year 1250 BC.

Captain Marian Alston became a member of the Nantucket Emergency Committee and placed Eagle at the disposal of the committee.

Key Events Edit

Island in the Sea of Time Edit

Eagle's first mission was to sail to Europe to attempt to trade for grain. Eagle was successful in this and returned to Nantucket Island with much needed grain. Eagle would play another role as the flagship of the Nantucket Coast Guard and lead a small flotilla against the renegade William Walker in England. Eagle would continue to play a role in the defense of Nantucket and its later conflicts with Walker.

Against the Tide of Years Edit

On the Oceans of Eternity Edit