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George McAndrews was an African-American cadet on the USCGC Eagle at the time of the Event. He is known for being a fanatical, yet naive, Afro-centrist.

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Island in the Sea of Time Edit

McAndrews concluded that the technology brought back to 1250 BCE by the Event should be shared with the indigenous peoples of Africa. He shared this opinion with Marian Alston, who informed him that there were no Black civilizations with which the information could be shared. He discussed his opinion elsewhere and William Walker used McAndrews's desires to convince McAndrews to accompany him when he rebelled, stole the Yare and sailed to Alba.

McAndrews took a wife from among the Iraiina people on Alba.

On the Oceans of Eternity Edit

"Riding Shotgun to Armageddon" Edit