Isketerol was a Iberian merchant from Tartessos. He helped the Iraiina tribe in getting across the Narrow Sea to Alba, where he stayed with the them and eventually learning about the "Eagle People" from Ohotolarix. Isketerol soon met the Eagle People represented by Marian Alston, William Walker, Ian Arnstein and Doreen Rosenthal; in which Isketerol was able to communicate with Arnstein and translate between the Eagle People and the Iraiina, but speaking in very badly Achaean with Arnstein.

Isketerol was very intrigued what the Eagle People had brought among them. He and his cousin were the only people among the Iraiina to initially realized that Alston and several of her guards as women through their uniforms, in which Isketerol told Arnstein about their custom towards women. Isketerol was then concerned of their trading goods for the Iraiina in fear that it would sour his market business, and informing to Alston that trade is a matter of 'face' in the Bronze Age, and Daurthunnicar's status now obliges him to exchange generous 'gifts' with her; in which she was given Swindapa of the Earth Folk. During the bargain, Isketerol witnessed Alston being rudely touched by a Iraiina man and overpowered him; in which, after Alston realized the Iraiina had gang-raped Swindapa, had the man treated as an oathbreaker which Isketerol remarked as a shrewd move; Daurthunnicar realised Alston is a woman, now no one will dare to say so, for that would admit to a woman defeating one of their warriors, and for honour, Daurthunnicar must now give more gifts.

Isketerol was then asked by Alston to accompany her people back to Nantucket Island for the summer, to teach what he knows, and to record and teach the many languages he speaks. Isketerol made plans with his cousin and accepts, for he, too, wants to learn from the Amurrukan, the Eagle People.

After arriving in Nantucket, Isketerol was shocked to learn that the island and its inhabitants came from the future three-thousand years ahead of his time and also dismayed in learning that Tartessos was lost to time, and vaguely known in modern history. He believed the knowledge the gods have already given him through the Eagle People, and realises that he has an opportunity to change the future of his people.