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Jared Cofflin was the Chief of Police of Nantucket Island.

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Island in the Sea of Time Edit

Cofflin quieted a crowd while the dome was still covering the Island; He ordered one of his officers to recruit some reliable men so they could be deputized to secure valuable supplies on the island. When the dome disappeared, he checked his watch and saw that it was 2:30 a.m. He pointed out to his officer (and cousin) that the moon was in the wrong phase and that the pole star was missing. He listened somewhat impatiently as Doreen Rosenthal explained that the sky over Nantucket was not that of the twentieth century. He talked via radio with Captain Marian Alston of USCGC Eagle. He arranged for Andy Toffler to fly him, Doreen, and Lieutenant William Walker of Eagle to Boston, where they found no sign of modern civilization.

At the first town meeting after the Event, he was elected Chief Executive Officer of the Republic of Nantucket by acclamation. He ordered the Eagle to what would become England for trade and the Yare to Inagua Island to harvest salt. He became close to Martha Stoddard.

Cofflin was later warned by Martha about a deranged Pastor Deubel and his parishioners, who believed Satan caused the Event and is using Nantucket to prevent the birth of Christ. Eventually, Cofflin prevented Deubel and his parishioners from attempting to burn down Nantucket; in which Deubel committed suicide and his followers were sentenced into exile to Inagua. Trouble persisted in a few days later in which a murder-suicide occurred, prompting Cofflin to confiscates every gun on the island.

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