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Marian Alston was the captain of the USCGC Eagle, a training vessel of the United States Coast Guard. Her vessel was in waters near Nantucket Island on the date of the Event. Marian had lost custody of her children to her ex-husband John at the time of her divorce fifteen years earlier because he warned her that her that he would reveal the fact that she was gay if she contested for custody.

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Her sailing master, Thomas Hiller, immediately reported a problem with the ship's compass. The instrument was spinning out of control. She soon learned that the Eagle was receiving nothing on its GPS. The only communication from outside the ship was radio from Nantucket Island. Upon learning that Chief Jared Cofflin was participating in an airborne reconnaissance of the nearby mainland, Alston asked permission to include one of her officers, Lieutenant William Walker, in the mission.

Alston attended the emergency town meeting on Nantucket. She described the electrical nature of the event and the elliptical shape of the outside rim of the area affected. She offered to do anything she could to help. Chief Cofflin, after being elected as Chief Executive Officer, appointed Alston and others to the governing Nantucket Council.

After anchoring the Eagle in Nantucket's harbor, Alston briefed her crew. She pointed out that there was no United States and no U. S. Coast Guard and said that anyone who wanted to leave the ship could do so. She also told the Coast Guardsmen that anyone who remained aboard would be subject to the same orders as before the Event. No one opted to leave the vessel.

At the first meeting of the Nantucket Council, Alston reported that the three fishing trawlers available on the island would be critical to feeding the population, but that once the fuel ran out they would be virtually useless. She also dispelled an assertion from Pamela Lisketter that whales could not be killed because they were an endangered species with the opinion that the only endangered species was humans.

She offered to sail the Eagle to Europe in search of seed grain.

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