Possible design of a Nantucket Steam Frigate.

The Nantucket Coast Guard was formed by the Republic of Nantucket in response to outside threats. The Coast Guardsmen of USCGC Eagle were the cadre and several other steam powered ships/cutters formed the core of the Nantucket Coast Guard.

Mission Edit

These ships/cutters allowed Nantucket to protect itself and its allies. Early on the coast guard vessels of Nantucket were not equiped with guns since gunpowder was in critically short supply for the first two years or so after the Event. As time went on the Nantucketers were able to obtain more supplies for gunpowder thus as of year 8 AE all Nantucketer ships were equiped with remakes of Dahlgren-style Civil War cannons. Early on in the first years after the Event ships were be equiped with ballistas or Greek fire to be used as offensive and defensive weapons.

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Historical Perspective Edit

In an odd twist of fate, Nantucket is rather similar to the real world Great Britian in the 17th and 18th centuries. The British used a strong blue water navy/maritime force to overcome a small population that would limit the country from raising a large army.