Pamela Lisketter owned a business oriented toward the tourist trade. She was an environmentalist and, immediately after the Event, complained about killing whales because the animals were endangered until reminded by Marian Alston that there were so many of the animals that they constituted a navigation hazard. She surprised Jared Cofflin with how well organized she was, discussing the island population's abilities, needs and supplies.

Pamela was against the idea of involving Nantucket with the primitive people of Alba, believing that Nantucket will exploit the Albans. However, her argument fell short as pointed out the facts by Ian Arnstein and Joseph Starbuck that they don't have the technology needed for farming and limited resources, such as metal.

Pamela would later study on the Central American people and learning about the Olmecs; in which she, and several like minded followers, including her brother David, she had gathered, decided to "protect" them from Nantucket by taking reference books and weapons to them. She plotted with William Walker and Isketerol in fleeing the island. During the rebellion, Pamela wounded Marian, kidnapping Martha Cofflin, and commandeered a sailing vessel named Bentley. Upon arriving at the Coatzacoalcos river and settling on a sizable settlement, Bentley was attacked by the Olmecs after David inadvertently led them to the ship. Pamela and Martha were captured and taken away by the natives to be part of an re-enactment of the Olmec creation myth; a process that left Pamela in a catatonic state. She and Martha were then rescued by Marian Alston and her rescue party; however, Pamela died from a spear wound shortly after her rescue.

In the long run of her abortive mission to "protect" the Olmecs, Pamela's brother unwittingly gave the Olmecs the mumps, thus destroying the civilization he and his sister were trying to save.