"Riding Shotgun to Armageddon" is a novella in the world of the Nantucket Series. It involves a battle between the Nantucket Allied Forces and the Egyptian Host.

General Djehuty commands the Brigade of Seth. It is marching to engage an invading force in Canaan. The night before the anticipated action, Pharaoh Ramses addresses his generals and instructs Mek-andrus to provide details. He then designates Djehuty and the Brigade of Seth as the lead element with Mek-andrus as an advisor.

Djehuty despises Mek-andrus because he is a foreigner, is black, and has taken a wife from the Egyptian royal house. He puts up with Mek-andrus because he has brought Egypt a knowledge of warfare it could not have hoped to acquire on its own: saddles with stirrups, horse collars, shotguns and cannon.

Mek-andrus advises and Djehuty implements a defensive position that includes enfilade fire and redoubts. After a cavalry and chariot battle,the Brigade of Seth waits and the commander of the invading force rides forward to parley. Djehuty is angry that Egyptian lands have been invaded by a force led by a woman, who is introduced as Marian Alston. Alston tells Djehuty that the invading force will depart if Mek-andrus is surrendered to her. Djehuty refuses to negotiate with an invader.