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Swindapa was a woman of the Earth Folk of Alba.

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Island in the Sea of Time Edit

Swindapa was captured by the Sun People and was repeatedly raped. After a time, she was bathed and given to Marian Alston as part of a ceremonial exchange of gifts with Rahax (King) Daurthunnicar. Alston had Swindapa transported to the Eagle and provided with medical treatment. When Eagle was preparing to depart England, Swindapa refused to be returned to her people, saying in broken English that she wanted to remain aboard. Alston decided to let her remain with the Eagle because she would be more reliable than Isketerol, the Iberian merchant who had also been asked to remain.

After arriving at Nantucket Island, Swindapa asked permission to live as a guest of Marian. The two became emotionally and physically attracted to each other and registered as domestic partners.

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On the Oceans of Eternity Edit