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William Walker was a lieutenant serving on the USCGC Eagle.

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William Walker was mentioned in the book Dies the Fire (Ch 6) as having briefly dated Signe Larson. She said "I know I dated Will for a while, or at least hung around him. But it was me who called it quits. There's something creepy about him, and his whole family."

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Island in the Sea of Time Edit

He was selected by Captain Marian Alston to accompany Jared Cofflin on a flight to what was expected to be Boston but proved to be prehistoric North America. He shot two of the agressive natives with his M-16 rifle when the group was threatened. Walker later mutinied and stole the Yare, sailing it to England to establish an alliance with King Daurthunnicar.

Against the Tide of Years Edit

On the Oceans of Eternity Edit

Walker died with his son Harold and with Alice Hong, the victim of poisoning by Helmut Mittler‏‎.